Belzona Seminars


Belzona offers busy architects, engineers and other professionals a convenient and enjoyable way to stay on top of best practices, technology advancements and innovation in composite repair methods.

Run by our team of experienced engineers at your facility, or in one of our training locations, these seminars demonstrate how advanced polymer technology can reduce downtime, increase efficiency, extend equipment life and simplify maintenance procedures.

Our free of charge seminars can be tailored to your exact requirements, ensuring that they are of optimum value to your organization. They will also give you the opportunity to engage in live demonstrations of our innovative products.

Select a seminar that meets your needs from the menu choices below:

Liquid Applied Roofing

Concrete Repair and Protection

General Equipment Maintenance

Flooring and Containment Areas

All our seminars are completely customizable to ensure they are of optimum value to your organization. Please get in touch and we will tailor your seminar at a time and location to suit your exact requirements.

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